We explored the frontiers of technology and system entrepreneurship that can help reverse climate change while ensuring people and nature thrive — the ultimate moonshot of the 21st century.

Our research draws on 400+ interviews of innovators from 30+ countries on five continents, 18 months of extensive research, and the insights from our partner network.

This research draws on 400 interviews of innovators from 30 countries on the five continents, a review of over 200 publications, countless articles, and our partners’ expertise.

We hope our findings will inspire all stakeholders—entrepreneurs, scientists, incubators, investors, corporates, policymakers, development actors, civil society—to join forces and secure a better future for humanity. This is the global Apollo moonshot program of the 21st century.

our flagship publication
the frontiers
of impact tech
A global report featuring:
  • 180+ ways science and technology can help reverse climate change while advancing the Global Goals.
  • An in-depth analysis of Impact Tech drivers and strategies
  • Key technological challenges and how to mitigate them
  • A synthetic overview of impact management for tech ventures
  • 12 priorities to scale Impact Tech
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