About us

Good Tech Lab is a research and innovation firm focused on the moonshots of the 21st century — reversing climate change while ensuring people and nature thrive.

We are all
astronauts on a
little spaceship
called Earth.

We believe that science, technology, and system entrepreneurship can provide leverage points to address humanity’s biggest challenges.

What we doOur latest work

The Team

Benjamin Tincq

Co-founder and CEO

Manuella Cunha Brito


Ludovic Sinet

Head of Tech Research

Thanks to our previous team members and contributors:
Luisa Rodrigues, Marguerite Grandjean, Elise Leclerc and Hydris Bessa.

We are also incredibly thankful to our stellar network of partners, collaborators and friends, without whom our first research endeavor on the Frontiers of Impact would not have been possible.

Did you know? We do really cool research

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